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Question Dragon Ball x RPG Development Progress

09 Jul 2015 06:01 #5419 by Liko

Fellow MUD developers, builders, and players I will be placing Dragon Ball x RPG MUD. I'll be posting ideas, lore, locations, and other things till programming begins.

Now first let me explain the name. Why "Dragon Ball x RPG". Well, we know that Dragon Ball can only go so far with content. I would start with "Dragon Ball". "Dragon Ball" is where everything begins. Dragon Ball begin in Age 749 and ends in Age 759. So Dragon Ball lasts about 10 years. Now we look at "Dragon Ball Z". "Z" starts in the Age of 760 and ends in the Age of 784(As of now Dragon Ball Super may change this!). So this means Dragon Ball Z lasts 24 years. So now this brings me up to the new series called "Dragon Ball Super". This will pick up right after Kid Buu's death, but it is extending the series. So this would mean the series is starting in the Age of 774. Now this series makes me excited because it adds new content. The creator of Dragon Ball will be making a new series, new arcs, new characters, new planets, new galaxies, and that is just amazing with a series that has been out this long. Now on to "Dragon Ball Gt" it is not-cannon and doesn't exist. Also, "movies" will be still being debated and I need to see who wrote them. Whoever wrote the "movies" will depend if they are "cannon" or "non-cannon". Now that explains the "Dragon Ball" part of the name as it will follow the Dragon Ball lore and theme of the Dragon Ball series.

Now lets explain the "x". It explains a simple crossover series.

Now what does "RPG" stand for? Simple: Role-playing gaming. RPG aspect will be using characters, items, lore, locations, story lines, quests, and just many other RPGs. This explains the naming portion!

I hope this clears up the naming for Dragon Ball x RPG!



Locations(Which Planet):


Hello everyone,
Let me introduce you to my ideas section. This section I will be posting my favorite ideas that I want to get out and explore in more details with you all. I want to get your feed back and criticism. Sometimes ideas get stuck in one person minds and can expand into a better idea when more people begin to talk in detail or even develop the idea together. So please enjoy my ideas section.

Role-Playing System

I want to develop a role-playing system that goes concurrent with the PVP system. Example lets say I use the main stat is Powerlevel in PVP, so for a role-playing stat I'd choose to use RP-Powerlevel. You ask what is the difference? well lets say your PVP powerlevel is 10,000 because you have killed a bunch of mobs, players, and done a lot of push ups. Now you RP-Powerlevel of 500,000. Now your asking how does your RP-Powerlevel get so high? Well you Role-Play. Now you can do rp-pushups which can be done with a command, you can role-play battles with players around you're rp-powerlevel not PVP powerlevel. I would create a rp-combat system that would be based on their rp-stats besides just rp-powerlevel, but after the rp-battle you would either win rp-powerlevel.

I'm just saying this something to when you're not PVPing. It would also allow me to expand to rp-equipment and much much much. To please let me know what you think about the basic RPS!

Version: 0.00

Game Updates:
Game Updates will be posted here.


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