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10 Jun 2012 22:41 - 10 Jun 2012 22:42 #8 by Rumble
Old Snippets was created by Rumble
Jamdog, 2007

Below is a list of links to previous patches, so that new forum members don't have to trawl through hundreds of posts.

This list is not complete. If you have more to add, please do so...
I have tried to avoid most things that made it into stock tbaMUD.

Apr 23, 2006 created by Maclir: findkey command to show which keys open a particular door
Apr 23, 2006 created by Maclir: finddoor command to show which door(s) a key will open
Nov 13, 2006 created by Rhade: Player-customizable color schemes
Nov 28, 2006 created by Rhade: Split who list to show imms and mortals seperately
Feb 21, 2007 created by Fantebsb: Latin character support
Feb 23, 2007 created by Rhade: Todo Lists
Feb 24, 2007 created by Rhade: history command for reviewing comms history
Feb 26, 2007 created by Rhade: Change leader of group when leader dies (with bug fixes by Jamdog, Khrog and Meddle)
Mar 02, 2007 created by Jamdog: Function to add commas to long numbers (for score)
Mar 13, 2007 created by Rhade: plist command to list all registered players
Mar 30, 2007 created by Jamdog: Forge that 'merges' items, with forgedit OLC
May 09, 2007 created by Jamdog: -- command to clear queued commands (stop spammed spells, etc...)
May 31, 2007 rewritten by Jamdog: afflist and typelist builder/admin commands
Jun 25, 2007 created by Jamdog: Object binding, including admin commands and script functions
Jun 26, 2007 rewritten by Jamdog: A new screen.h file (used in tbaMUD since v3.54)
Jun 28, 2007 created by Jamdog: New 'portal' system, with portal types and oedit options
Jun 30, 2007 created by Jamdog: Sector-type dependant weather system
Jul 02, 2007 created by Geekman: restring command for objects
Aug 05, 2007 rewritten by Jamdog: New news and motd update notifications on prompt
Aug 06, 2007 created by Jamdog: Limit the number of players and Imms from one IP/host
Aug 08, 2007 updated by Jamdog: Allow levels command to specify a range
Jan 08, 2008 created by Geekman: Script text funcs: isabbrev, isname, repeat, count, find, popfront, popback, pushfront, pushback, word, stripcolour
Jan 21, 2008 created by Jamdog: %actor.pref% script addition for player pref flags
Jan 31, 2008 rewritten by Jamdog: Autoquests Patch
Feb 02, 2008 bug fix by Jamdog: Stop followers wandering bug-fix
Feb 05, 2008 rewritten by Jamdog: Automap Patch
Feb 15, 2008 created by Jamdog: moblist builder/admin command
Apr 16, 2008 created by Jamdog: Game Info channel and nogameinfo toggle
May 03, 2008 updated by Jamdog: scan command
May 11, 2008 created by Mordecai: wordat script function

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