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Question SPELL and SKILL OLC (preview)

07 Feb 2020 04:12 - 07 Feb 2020 18:38 #8542 by Castillo
Anyone interested in seeing the spells, and skills OLC i'm working on.

telnet rescator7.com 4000

Once in. type 'god' your level will be set to 32.

This is a preview, not yet a BETA, but it's coming well.
This project is going to be released public, once i'm satisfied with the code.

- list spells and skills

spedit : create a new spell/skill
spedit <vnum> : edit spells vnum if exists
spedit <text> : show a list of spells/skills containing <text>, and ask confirmation.


465H 100M 82V AFK (news) > spedit he
Do you want to edit 'control weather' (vnum: 11)? (y/n, q): n
Do you want to edit 'heal' (vnum: 28)? (y/n, q): n
Do you want to edit 'group heal' (vnum: 48)? (y/n): n
489H 100M 82V AFK (news) >

formula command is only for debugging purpose. it will be remove eventually, it is used in
the OLC system to make spells more versatile.

e.g: The demo spell "good bad" will create an object based on your alignement.
1) Object : 1214 + (self.good ? 0 : (self.evil ? 1 : 2))

the command formula can test it:
500H 100M 82V AFK (news) >
500H 100M 82V AFK (news) > formula 1214 + (self.good ? 0 : (self.evil ? 1 : 2))
value: 1215

see: help formula

I made some demo spells:

Don't forget, it's still preview. I knows some bugs, and unfinished stuffs.
But, comments are welcome :)

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18 Feb 2020 04:03 #8572 by Castillo
I'm turning down the preview MUD.

There isn't interest in the preview and/or i had trouble to set up and maintain the correct DNS.

I'll be working on documentation, and beta testing this week.
And, i'll try to release a first beta version this weekend, or ASAP.

After that. I'll probably stop the developpement. Unless, i have bugs or features request.

Stay tune.

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