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Loved DARKENED LIGHTS looking for development staff for circlemud/godwars codebase.

11 Nov 2018 16:15 #8232 by Mayhem420
You heard right.. I've been out of the game for a few years. But I still have my project, so I'm migrating into godwars but it's all redone alone input mostly it's all redone coding.. project needs help..

Need coders/builders/imm staff

If your bored need something to do I tell you this is a fun codebase to code...

Come check me out on my own Dedicated server.. I'm now disabled and really can't move about so I am getting back into coding...




ALSO if you have a mud or website you want to code or develop I will host you.

Or email me mikeyryan420@gmail.com

Please I need some help as I'm really rusty ..

Thanks yall..

Mayhem - owner DL2.0/INNOTEKLLC

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