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Question After the Breaking - Builders wanted!

16 Feb 2018 21:30 #7601 by Sascha
We're gaining traction and super-active over at After the Breaking. I'm looking to add members to the creative team! If you're finishing up with TBA and you want a place to put your new skills to work, or if you need to shake things up a bit because you're feeling a bit stale where you are, consider us. We're building a big wide world set in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time, and I have lots of things on the list of places to build, mobs to make, and things to make go bump in the night. atbmud.dune.net port 4000 can be your new home away from home!

Will you stand against the coming Storm? After the Breaking: STORMRIDERS MUD - atbmud.dune.net port 4000

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