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Question After the Breaking MUD - looking for coders and builders

15 Jun 2016 23:09 #6005 by Sascha
Moving right along towards opening for beta! I'm looking for coders who are familiar with the TBAmud source code to not only help me understand some bits of it, but also lend a hand towards some fairly generic tweaks. Also if you like to build and you know the genre, you're more than welcome to step on in with us.

If you are a fan of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, this is a MUD set in a time period no one has tried to cover yet, after the Breaking of the World. Our focus is as the Ten Nations begin to rise, approximately two hundred years after the actual Breaking of the World and into the Trolloc Wars, which occurred approximately AB1000 and raged for almost 350 years. For perspective, our setting preceeds the calendar change from AB (After Breaking) to FY (Free Year), the birth of Artur Hawkwing in FY912, his death in FY994, the War of the Hundred Years after his death, the calendar change from FY to NE (New Era), and the birth of Rand al' Thor in 978NE. Our time period is thousands of years before the Wheel of Time book series even begins.

Check us out on Facebook in our pre-beta phase, and if you're interested in helping out let me know!

Will you stand against the coming Storm? After the Breaking: STORMRIDERS MUD - atbmud.dune.net port 4000

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