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Question Need a new builder for you MUD?

24 May 2014 22:17 #4910 by Ish
Yeah. I would love if players came to RavenMUD (where I play and build for) but it's not the most unique in the world. Actually, it's the only MUD I've been able play consistantly. All other MUD's I've tried I get bored within' a couple of days. I've played RavenMUD since about '96. You can check it out if you want www.ravenmud.com port 6060 (look for Atrophy/Abigail/Saint/Jako/Twinge/Yano/Arthas).

Now to the meat of my message. I am currently building for RavenMUD but I'd like to expand and see if my skills are up to par and you'd like me to build for your MUD. My name is Ish on TBAmud and I have plenty of work I can show you. Hit me up sometime.

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08 Nov 2014 00:31 #5104 by koqlb
Come to mine. I'm looking for serious builders.
Telnet to subversive.themudhost.net 5680. It's under heavy construction, and not public yet, but Subversive Visions is being recreated and i want original areas, both new, and restrung stock areas, complete with mobprogs, and spellup progs, etc. E-mail me at koqlb@subversive.themudhost.net. I may not be online, but I've been coding almost nonstop on my home computer (running Ubuntu), then porting it to the remote server. Get to level 2 if I'm not on, and e-mail me with your character's name, and I'll get on there with ya. In advance, welcome aboard!

--Justin a.k.a. Koqlb

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24 Dec 2014 08:40 #5174 by koqlb
The port address has slightly changed.
You can log in now at subversive.themudhost.net port 7500
Website: subversive.themudhost.net
We have a lot of things other MUDs do have[racial skills, etc.] Wwe are still currently pretty well stock areas-wise, but need areas for level 60-110 players, as well as redoing some stock areas). At the same time, we have things that other MUDs don't have, or that though simple concepts have been added (like the online who list, automated website newsfeed, and an event adding system that imms can currently utilize). At the same time, we will get back into the shape we were in before the code was lost (remorts with 10 remort levels and remort skills for each, an in-depth point system: rp points, immquest points, quest points, artifact points {from artifact quests}). All in all, the theme can be found at the website on the "about" page.

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