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Question Small bug with GET_OBJ_TIMER

04 Apr 2024 17:04 #10375 by Salty

I came across a simple bug today related to GET_OBJ_TIMER.  The timer gets decremented in two different functions resulting in timers losing a value of 2 for every tick.

One decrement of obj_flags->timer  begins here in limit.c  in the function point_update()

The second decrement of obj_flags->timer begins here in handler.c   

The function update_object() in handler.c is a sub-function of update_char_objects() in handler.c.  In limits.c, point_update() calls update_char_objects() resulting in a double decrement of some object timers.

My version is 2018 but this appears to be active on the most recent version on the github.

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