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23 Nov 2022 15:56 #10237 by Vatiken
Replied by Vatiken on topic Current Development
I just updated my master github branch with the latest in the development. Details Here

To summarize:
  • The JSON module is in testing, but included. I've run the server through valgrind, and tested it thoroughly. While I'm sure there are still some bugs, but it is working as intended in it's limited capacity.
  • I've dealt with a significant amount of the sprintf() functions and upgraded them to snprintf(). Most of the instances were pretty safe to begin with, but some were in pretty high risk of buffer overflows. Thanks Zusuk for the suggestion. I haven't touched strlcpy and strlcat yet. But I will get to those.
  • I've addressed and corrected several bugs, some blatant, some more obscure.
  • Spent a good chunk of time in the dg_XXXX.c files, doing clean up. Addressing formatting issues, and adding comments & context to error messages to improve useability and readability.
  • There is a new scripts folder in the base directory with a "messages.py" script in it. If the new JSON message format is enabled, running the script will do an inspection & analysis of the current game messages and provide the user with direct info as well as 2 reports, 1 in JSON, and one as an HTML. This is just a dirty script and not meant to be taken overly seriously but it gives an example of the benefit of utilizing the JSON system as the script took about 15 minutes to throw together.

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23 Nov 2022 17:04 #10238 by zusuk
Replied by zusuk on topic Current Development
Wow, great stuff Vatiken... appreciate everything!


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