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Question Colour for combat text

13 Feb 2022 16:45 #10020 by Zuubar

I have been trying to modify the colour for combat text because currently only misses are coloured. The initial and subsequent hits for both pc and mobile are not coloured. I am currently looking at fight.c, is this the right file to look at and what are the specific lines if anyone can advise?


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13 Feb 2022 17:20 - 13 Feb 2022 17:21 #10022 by Vatiken
Replied by Vatiken on topic Colour for combat text
These are the two functions that handle the messages during combat and both are found in fight.c.
skill_message() dam_message()

This excerpt from skill_message() shows the colour changed to CCYEL on missed hits for players who have their colour setting set to C_CMP. 
if (msg->miss_msg.attacker_msg) {             send_to_char(ch, CCYEL(ch, C_CMP));             act(msg->miss_msg.attacker_msg, FALSE, ch, weap, vict, TO_CHAR);             send_to_char(ch, CCNRM(ch, C_CMP));         }

This except is from dam_message() shows us adding a coloured damage indicator to the damage message for characters who are immortal.
  /* damage message to damagee */   if (GET_LEVEL(victim) >= LVL_IMMORT)       send_to_char(victim, "\tR(%d)", dam);   buf = replace_string(dam_weapons[msgnum].to_victim,     attack_hit_text[w_type].singular, attack_hit_text[w_type].plural);   act(buf, FALSE, ch, NULL, victim, TO_VICT | TO_SLEEP);   send_to_char(victim, CCNRM(victim, C_CMP));


You can also individually colour messages in the messages file found in the misc folder using colour tags if you'd prefer and output similar to:

You have been burned to death by PLAYER!

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14 Feb 2022 00:46 #10023 by Zuubar
Replied by Zuubar on topic Colour for combat text
Hi Vatiken,

Thanks for the examples, will take a look at the two listed functions.

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