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10 Jun 2012 21:56 - 10 Jun 2012 22:00 #7 by Rumble
Trigger of the Day was created by Rumble
Every day anyone who wants to can post or request a trigger of the day. Please try to classify them as: beginner, intermediate or advanced. The point of this is to demonstrate common ways to use trigedit AND explain how it is done.

Again, anyone can post an example or if they have a trigger idea they want implemented they can post it for others to write a trigger for them. This is meant as a community project so the more participation we have the more ideas everyone can come up with. We still have builders on TBA dreaming up new ways to use trigedit all the time.

Some Example Requests:
I want an interactive mob/obj that does something when a player does ... (beginner)
I want a mob/obj that has a special skill/spell that does .... (intermediate)
I want a weapon that levels up as it is used, for example .... (intermediate)
I want a quest to rescue a princess. The quest should start with .... (advanced).

This will be a free for all. The first person to post for the day wins. Please create a new topic in the building category. Anyone can reply to the post with feedback and other ideas. There are numerous ways to do any one trigger and more than one solution is always desirable.

The hardest part of making a trigger is the initial planning. If you fail to give a good description of exactly what you want it to do you will get various interpretations from different people. Which isn't a bad thing, but it may not be what you want.

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