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Question Trigger command without argument.

14 Sep 2020 10:17 - 14 Sep 2020 10:19 #9743 by cry1004

Personally, I prefer to make the colour an argument instead of a command, such as pushing the button on the elevator pane. but everyone has different ways of doing things.

I did it because I was used to LPMUD, which I played in the past.
I wanted the elevator buttons to be displayed in the exit description, not in the room description.

LPMUD made it easy to mark exits from room to room.
If my memory is correct, it seems to have been processed in one file.

However, it is difficult for Circlemud to display special exit names other than east, west, south, north.

In normal rooms, the exit is marked as shown below.
Exits: North, South

Sometimes I just want to have a specific name appear in a specific room.
Exits: East, South, Coffeeshop

In another room
Exits: North, Underground

So, I was asking how I could mark and move special exits.

Once again, thank you. :)
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14 Sep 2020 16:27 #9746 by Parnassus
This probably won't help you but the SMAUG code had something I think it called "special exits". This was an extra direction (you may be able to make this extra direction the same way as making the angled directions but I've never tried).

I'm not suggesting you change bases but you may want to look at their code to see if you can figure out how they did it. In my opinion, TBA is a much better base but it's interesting to see how other other coders did things.

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