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Question How to Remove the Stock World or Zones

10 Jun 2012 23:07 #11 by Rumble
This question is one of the most asked questions so here we go:

Let me start by saying there is little benefit to remove all the stock zones unless your server has a ridiculously small hard drive or memory. It will not speed things up and it will not make things easier. The only possible benefit is if you have OCD and must have things perfectly ordered. I guarantee if you try to do this with zero experience with the World format your MUD will not boot. Besides all the errors that will make your MUD unbootable you will also lose all the example triggers, boards, postmasters, banks, shops, etc. which the helpfiles and TBA zone reference. There are 400+ empty zones in tbaMUD. Even with a dedicated and motivated building staff it will take any MUD years to use all of them.

My recommendation, and the easiest way to remove stock zones, is to simply remove all links to the zones you don't want players to use. To do this the only thing you have to do is change the mortal start room to one of your new zones. In the eyes of the players the stock World will no longer exist and they will have no way to gain access to them. Now the TBA tutorial zone and all the example triggers and special procedures are still there for reference. Plus, no errors, and no headaches correcting all the errors generated by removing the World. I think I'm done with my rant. This question comes up a lot and aggravates me because new admin waste their time and energy on doing something completely pointless. But, I know they will keep doing it ;-P So....

Here is what you need to do.

Pick 1 zone that you want to keep, I used 0 in this instance. You MUST have a 0.wld/mob/obj/zon/trg/shp file for that zone WITH something in it. An empty file won't allow you to boot. Open up the index files in each directory and delete everything but the zone you want. i.e. lib/world/wld/index repeat for the other directories. Now enter Cedit and go to the rooms option, change everything to an existing room in zone 0.

Next do a reboot and you will probably get several errors, but the MUD should be bootable. To fix the errors:

SYSERR: Attempt to assign spec to non-existant mob #
To get rid of this open spec_assign.c and remove all the special procedure assignments.

No associated object exists when attempting to create a board [vnum #].
You need to delete the boards from lib/etc/boards/ and modify boards.c and boards.h

That should do it. Please let me know if I left anything out and I will update this post.

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28 Jun 2012 17:58 - 28 Jun 2012 18:00 #314 by Halenbane
I agree that just removing the connections/links is the best way to approach this. Additionally, set the zone to closed in Zedit so they may not teleport there randomly, and you are good to go :) Also this way, if you have players in your game that have gear from the zones you wanted to rip out, you won't have the issue of nonexistent equipment. :)

** Ever been writing on a forum and when you are done, out of habit , you ctrl-x , and y to save lmao.
I just did...
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