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Review Submitted By: Salem
Author Status: Staff member
Started on The Builder Academy: 1 year ago.
Submission Date: Jun 18, 2005

I came to TBA, not knowing anything about building for the codebase of circlemud. I didn't really want to build either. I thought, why, its time wasting, but with help from the admin, Rumble, he showed me the complex, but interesting ways of building. Of course, as I went on, I got to learn more and more about different codebases, not just circlemud, which TBA is based on.

It seems logical to start with the very basics: In this section, we’re going to be looking at the main football markets you can bet on. Overall, it has a very aesthetically pleasing look and feel. Their official rating gives them a weight from which they run off – in theory giving them the same chance as higher rated rivals check this. Bets on “Winner of Point X / Scorer of Goal X” and similar offers refer to the team/participant scoring/winning the listed occurrence.

I was given the trial vnum, the standard one room/object/mobile, and i started out building a medieval based trial. While learning the aspects of building, i went on to apply for a zone, and learnt more of building as i went on.

I now help new builders with their vnums, as people did before me. I enjoy the staff, they are very friendly and helpful. Nevermind if you know nothing of building, we will turn that around for you. If you are interested in learning to build, you can join us on the listed address, and I purely recommend you having a look, Thank you :)

A Special thank you to Rumble and Welcor.