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Review Submitted By: Random Thoughts
Author Status: Staff member
Started on The Builder Academy: A long time ago...
Submission Date: Jul 16, 2005

I have been at TBA for quite a while now and am now a Junior Staff Member there. When I first came to TBA it was to learn to use DG Scripts, and I found that I enjoyed sharing what I knew about the other aspects of MUD building with those that needed the info. What brought this about in me is the way the staff that was already there treated me and helped me learn.

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This MUD isn't there for players, though there is a player's port. This MUD is to teach people how to build, or give them a place to build. The Owners and Implementors invite other MUD owners and Imps to send their players to use to build, and not even have to make their own builder's port. They can come to us, be taught, have their zone reviewed for typos and clarity, and then it can be zipped up and sent with the builder back to their own MUD. Or if you aren't already part of a MUD and just want to learn to build, or even teach, you are welcome to drop in.

The zones that are built on TBA belong to the builder, but with permission will be available for download to the mud community in general and all zones that have permission for download are included in the stock distribution of the CWG Buddha download, which is the coder's version of TBA.

Come, chat, learn, teach, build. That's what this place exists for.