Welcome to the Builder Academy

Review Submitted By: Heiach 
Author Status: Builder and Staff Member 
Started on The Builder Academy: 2003 
Submission Date: Jan 10, 2004 
TMC Listing: The Builder Academy 

I entered TBA with the hope of becoming a teacher. I've been building for quite some time and my first impression was that of a pleasant MUD with a very helpful staff. I filled out an application form and was soon on my way. There is wonderful builder tutorial there, and despite the fact I thought I knew most of it, I read it all anyway and learnt much.

I was then issued with a trial vnum, that is 1 room, 1 object and 1 mobile. And I described them to the best of my abilities. After some friendly suggestions my vnum was passed and I was set up with my very own zone.

The whole reason I came was to help teach DG scripting, but I ended up learning many, many things that I had no idea were even possible. I am currently working there as a staff member and would definitely recommend coming here whether you're an experienced builder and want to refine your skills or if you're absolutely new to building and have not a clue at all. Be assured, you'll be welcomed with open arms and treated politely.