Review Submitted By: Paul Garceau
Author Status: Player
Started on The Builder Academy: January, 2006
Submission Date: Apr 30, 2006

The Builder Academy is an excellent place for new builders to learn and provides fantastic resources in terms of the specifics of actually building zones within a Circle Mud.

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The staff is great!

There is always someone there to help the newbie builder and the seasoned builder. Most especially those seasoned builders, veterans, who are just looking for a place to play with various ideas or to sketch out their 'perfect' zones without the pressure and stress that seems, at times, all too intense.

The Builders Academy is an excellent place for testing ideas and trying out new things without being bound to a timeline.

For the newbies, the extensive builders support -- when it comes to 'All Things MUD' has been, and apparently continues to be, excellent.

Extensive help files are updated fairly regularly. As an added bonus, within The Builders Academy, there are numerous examples of zones that have worked, and will continue to work, for years. If you are new to MUD building then take a few moments to check out The Builders Academy.

If you are a veteran MUD builder, and you want to find a place where you can interact with other veteran builders in a relaxed and accepting environment as well as the company of other like-minded veterans, then The Builders Academy is definitely worth considering.


Review Submitted By: Cyron
Author Status: Player
Started on The Builder Academy: A few years ago
Submission Date: Jul 24, 2005

TBA is a good mud that has people who are more than willing to help out with learning to build on a circlemud codebase. It is full of people who are there to help, and has a ton of tutorials and help pages that describe easily how to build. I definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to learn how to build.


Review Submitted By: Ferret
Author Status: Staff member
Started on The Builder Academy: Oct 17 2000
Submission Date: Jul 23, 2005

I joined the Builders Academy after running my own mud for a couple of years. I was unable to maintain my mud due to the amount of traveling I did with my job. The Builder Academy accepted me with open arms and allowed me to build at my own pace. There is a lot of talent on the staff which has helped to make the Academy a great learning place.

The Academy has an extremely extensive helpfile system that can answer almost any question.The Implementors will release your zone to you via email so that the builders can take their zones to other muds. If you do not wish to build and seek answers, the staff are more than happy to help a passer-by. Please remember we teach people how to build zones and how to script with triggers. We do not provide full support on how to create and maintain a mud; However we will offer assistance if we are able to.

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Review Submitted By: Random Thoughts
Author Status: Staff member
Started on The Builder Academy: A long time ago...
Submission Date: Jul 16, 2005

I have been at TBA for quite a while now and am now a Junior Staff Member there. When I first came to TBA it was to learn to use DG Scripts, and I found that I enjoyed sharing what I knew about the other aspects of MUD building with those that needed the info. What brought this about in me is the way the staff that was already there treated me and helped me learn.

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This MUD isn't there for players, though there is a player's port. This MUD is to teach people how to build, or give them a place to build. The Owners and Implementors invite other MUD owners and Imps to send their players to use to build, and not even have to make their own builder's port. They can come to us, be taught, have their zone reviewed for typos and clarity, and then it can be zipped up and sent with the builder back to their own MUD. Or if you aren't already part of a MUD and just want to learn to build, or even teach, you are welcome to drop in.

The zones that are built on TBA belong to the builder, but with permission will be available for download to the mud community in general and all zones that have permission for download are included in the stock distribution of the CWG Buddha download, which is the coder's version of TBA.

Come, chat, learn, teach, build. That's what this place exists for.


Review Submitted By: Salem
Author Status: Staff member
Started on The Builder Academy: 1 year ago.
Submission Date: Jun 18, 2005

I came to TBA, not knowing anything about building for the codebase of circlemud. I didn't really want to build either. I thought, why, its time wasting, but with help from the admin, Rumble, he showed me the complex, but interesting ways of building. Of course, as I went on, I got to learn more and more about different codebases, not just circlemud, which TBA is based on.

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I was given the trial vnum, the standard one room/object/mobile, and i started out building a medieval based trial. While learning the aspects of building, i went on to apply for a zone, and learnt more of building as i went on.

I now help new builders with their vnums, as people did before me. I enjoy the staff, they are very friendly and helpful. Nevermind if you know nothing of building, we will turn that around for you. If you are interested in learning to build, you can join us on the listed address, and I purely recommend you having a look, Thank you :)

A Special thank you to Rumble and Welcor.

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