Review Submitted By: Elaseth 
Author Status: Builder and Staff member 
Started on The Builder Academy: Oct 1999 
Submission Date: Feb 8, 2004 
TMC Listing: The Builder Academy 

I've been on TBA off and on from the time before Cruel World actually had players and TBA was just a building port to the time Cruel World shut down for good and TBA was all that was left.

When I originally went to TBA, I had just resigned from an admin position on a MUD and was floating about. I saw an advertisement for TBA and thought I'd see if there was anything to learn - and learn I did. It did not take long before I was helping others, and soon after that I meandered my way up the ranks to be one of their staff.

From a staff perspective, we always attempt to answer all questions and feel a commitment to improving the mud community - that of other muds, not our own. Rumble, who runs TBA's social side, has a strong sense of community and a desire to see others succeed. The rest of us have bought into his flowers-and-sunshine ideals and are trying to do our part... or haven't and are just using Rumble's resources for our own vision and enlightenment. In either case, all comers are treated with respect by the staff.

The intention of TBA is simple - it's all about serving builders. We cater to:
-- those learning to build
-- those simply enacting a vision for a zone
-- those building for another mud
-- learning to script with DG-scripts
-- discussing building tips and techniques
-- trying out pet theories 
-- those seeking to expose themselves to the theories of others

There are no deadlines to work to but your own (though we do occassionally overwrite or erase older work for the sake of making space for newer work). It's my opinion that the staff is mature, service-oriented, and
non-judgemental about building abilities.

If you wish to participate in any of the above, I believe we uniquely suit your needs. The only drawback is that while many building techniques are universal, we specifically teach the use of CircleMUD 3.1 with DG-Scripts
1.0.12 and OasisOLC 2.0.6.

Happy Building!