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3 years 2 months ago #8324 by Osailor
Introduction was created by Osailor
Hi All!

I'll start by saying I have zero coding experience and minimal building experience, but am a bit of a MUD fan. Was trying to find my MUD home for a bit there, but none of the RPI's currently on the market kept me reeled in for long and I hated deviating from the codebase I started on (CircleMUD).

I lost around a good 4 years of my life to RPI muds and it was fantastic. I was never a huge part of any of the major in-game plots, but I still thoroughly enjoyed writing a collaborative story with other players. Since those days, I have thrown around the idea of novel-writing and have built up the frameworks of lore for the world and am all set to embark on my new writing adventure!

As I have been writing though, I have found myself looking back on my MUD days and wanting to revisit them, but knowing if I am to be spending my time writing it should be on something to progress my novel/novella/whatever it turns out to be. When I saw this codebase and building/coding course, I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to work on something that is somehow tied to my work, so THANK YOU!

Please bear with me while I trudge around these forums asking the basics and requesting help. I'll jump in now with my first question; is there a Discord server that you use to communicate? It's always nice to use apps like discord to pop on and ask a quick question.

Wish me luck on my building/coding journey!


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3 years 2 months ago #8326 by Sascha
Replied by Sascha on topic Introduction
Welcome! We all come from different backgrounds. Personally I know just enough about coding to break things (reliably - ask Whisky!) but I am an experienced world creator. My current project is a labor of love as I re-create my old tabletop RPG world into the MUD world.

There is a Discord channel of sorts but I stopped participating in it almost six months ago. It was distracting me from working on my game. :) I've found in a pinch that if I really need help I can log into TBA and Fizban is around to walk me through things. If you haven't gone through the builder tutorial in TBA yet I heartily encourage you to do so.

Give a shout when and if you get stuck, or an idea comes to mind but you don't know how to get it implemented in quite the right way!

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