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5 months 2 weeks ago #8257 by Kinther
CircleMUD -> MySQL was created by Kinther
Currently CircleMUD writes files in plain text to various folders in lib/

Has there ever been a successful migration of those data structures into a MySQL database? I see there is a MySQL snippet "circle_mysql" available under:

However it seems like it is simply a basic function which can be run in game to pull a single query from a database. I'm concerned more with a full migration path to get away from storing objects, rooms, mobs, players, and so on in plain text.

If not, is there any interest in a collaboration attempt at making it happen?

4 8 15 16 23 42

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5 months 1 week ago #8266 by lacrc
Replied by lacrc on topic CircleMUD -> MySQL
I have a working version of TBA running with MySQL Database for almost everything except some text files like Help and Socials (tho I am in the process of converting these files to MySQL too).

I haven't gotten around to make a patch for it not sure it was something people would use/require, you probably made the same consideration lol.

For now it is:
- Migrating the database (tho only for creating and refreshing, not updating since I haven't even release it yet I haven't made any upgrade migrations, thought I should be ready for it heh).
- Populating the tables with existing text files (TBA new file format with array tags and whatnot)
- There's tables for: World, Mobs, Objects, Quests, Shops, Triggers, Player files (player files and objects in inventory, rent is free in the current code) and Combat Messages. (I might be forgetting something here but that's the bulk of it)

I tried to keep most of the TBA original code untouched so patching it would be easy, like simply changing functions being called or setting defines before compiling to switch between text and MySQL but for now the version I have is all mixed up with custom content so I'm not sure it would be useful as patch. I intende to release one in the future but let me know (via pm or reply this topic) if you have any questions and I'll share my thoughts or how I handled it.
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