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1 year 2 months ago #7609 by Sascha
Bug/idea/typo resolution was created by Sascha
I was chatting with Fizban a few days ago, and I have a customer service related idea that I'd like, which I think would also be helpful for everyone to have.

I think we all have the experience of players who faithfully report bugs, submit ideas, or even find typos but there's usually a lack of follow-through with letting the player know that the report has been resolved. Players like to be acknowledged, and a friendly atmosphere helps retain players. Here's my idea:

When you resolve a bug/idea/typo, let the system send a message to the player that they would receive upon login, similar to the 'you have mail waiting' message, that would say 'Your bug/idea/typo report (insert title here) has been resolved by (Imm name who resolved it). Thank you!'

That way the player knows there's attention being paid, that they were helpful, they are acknowledged, and they know they haven't been ignored. It also helps to add a post about it somewhere on a forum/site, but that's an out of game practice.

Thoughts? And, anyone want to take this on?

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