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3 years 9 months ago #8445 by Hanyo
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Hey there!

I am going to begin the personal project of working on creating a world and I've been looking around for where to begin.

I did quite a bit of building, as well as some fair amount of DG scripting (Triggers as I understand it) on a mud that was built and developed onto / from a heavily modified version of CWG Rasputin so I'm familiar with OLC and building out the WORLD and the rooms and stuff I am comfortable with.

My big question is, I know that CWG incorporates D20 rules into the coding though I'm not sure how important that is to me, but I know it also has a lot of pre-fabricated stuff what with like skills, and classes and races and so on? That being said, the latest build of any CWG I can find seems to be abouts from 2008 and tbamud has been developing that codebase into a 2019 release!

What would people suggest I do? I know admittedly not a lot about the code side of things but I could learn to put the things I need in place if I had a little bit of direction.

Moreso than the D20 rules, what I am most interested in is the DG triggers and the Oasis OLC (build-walking) for world creation and so on.

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3 years 9 months ago #8452 by WhiskyTest
Replied by WhiskyTest on topic New Developer
Hi Hanyo!

I would suggest fire up a copy of tbaMUD as your base, and get stuck into building out your world.

Almost anything you need can be achieved using triggers, and the bits that can't - well you can post request on the forums and are bound to get a response.

If you run with the CircleMUD releases like CWG/Budda you may run into bugs which have been addressed already by tbaMUD. Balance that against how much you want the features they include.

You'll find patches for classes/races/skill etc for tbaMUD which cover a lot of what CWG offer. But changing tbaMUD to a pure D20 ruleset is a lot of work, and not worth the effort if you ask me. Although pure D20 rules don't lend themselves to computer gaming in my opinion anyway :D

Whatever you choose
Good luck!

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