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1 year 4 weeks ago #7812 by Apocmud.org
DG-Script help was created by Apocmud.org
I have a cleric mob that I want to be able to cast heal on herself to top off her hp.
Basically for in fight, I have a hitprcnt trigger that she casts when her hp is below 80%
wait 1 sec
dg_cast 'sovereign heal' %self%
say The gods favor me in my faith towards Jerec!
wait 3 sec

I want to also have it to where if the player flees out of combat and she is below 90% she will top herself off with a heal.
How would I go about doing this?

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1 year 3 weeks ago #7820 by lacrc
Replied by lacrc on topic DG-Script help
For the second question, (tbh I do not now very much about DGs hehe) but how about just showing a message like you're already doing but instead of casting an actual spell just setting her HP using trigger vars?
Something like:
eval perc (%actor.hitp% * 100) / %actor.maxhitp%
if %perc% < 90% && !%actor.fighting%
    %actor.hitp% = %actor.maxhitp%
Haven't tested that code and again I'm not that good with DGs, just an idea :)

For the first question, do you already have a spell that does that? Asking cause dg_cast() needs an existing spell so, does the 'sovereign heal' spell already exists or are you asking for directions on how to create that spell?

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