Stock Bug: IBT abort /a with body

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5 years 7 months ago #7596 by zusuk
Stock Bug: IBT abort /a with body was created by zusuk
User types:
bug submit my bug
types at least a character of input, presses return
then decides he/she does not want to submit this bug, so types:

The bug submission still gets saved to the list

The problem appears to be that because the entry is not an empty 'body' it is not getting cleaned up.

Looking for confirmation on the proper way to handle this, this is what I did:
/* original */
void clean_ibt_list(int mode) {
  IBT_DATA *ibtData = get_first_ibt(mode), *ibtTemp;
  while (ibtData) {
    ibtTemp = ibtData;
    ibtData = ibtData->next;
    if (!ibtTemp->body || !*ibtTemp->body) {
      free_ibt(mode, ibtTemp);

/* trying this out -zusuk */
void clean_ibt_list(int mode) {
  IBT_DATA *ibtData = get_last_ibt(mode);

  if (ibtData)
    free_ibt(mode, ibtData);


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