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While this article is written with respect to graphical MMORPGs, in my personal opinion, creating a Design Document is a vital part of creating a successful MUD. Without goals, design, and direction, 1000's of hours can be sunk into a MUD without ever having any sort of playable project.

Creating an MMOG Design Document:

The introduction to your game concept contains what are probably the most important words in the document - these words will sell the document to the reader. In one sentence, try to describe the game in an excited manner. Include the title, genre, direction, setting, edge, platform, and any other meaningful bits of information that cannot wait until the next sentence. The edge is what's going to set this game apart from the other games in the genre. For example: "Man or Machine is a first-person shooter for the PC that uses the proven Quake II engine to thrust players into the role of an android space marine caught up in the epic saga of the interstellar techno-wars of the thirty-seventh century."

Breaking the introduction up into several sentences for the sake of clarity is acceptable. Just know that the longer your introduction, the more diluted your vision will seem.

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