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Unity MUD Project was created by Kewlb
Hey All,

I am posting to see if anyone is interested in assisting me with my new MUD project. The project is a new MUD codebase written from the ground up. The codebase is not a traditional MUD in the sense that it does not utilize a terminal emulation protocol. The connectivity protocol utilizes Telepathy on the back-end and is a custom TCP server.

As such, traditional MUD clients will not be able to connect to it and you must utilize a custom client that will be written in c# with Unity. The fact that I am utilizing Unity means I am able to do a lot of things that were simply not possible before. I want to keep any graphics to a minimum and still want the overall main focus and almost all gameplay to happen via text.

The Unity client portion is functional enough for what is required for development, but still needs a ton of TLC. As of now you can register, login, and play the game. As of now all game output is displayed via text mesh pro text box. Utilizing rich text boxes allows for colors & formatting not possible before. The client supports command history, speed walking, and command stacking.

The server is written in c# using .NET Core. There are not any unity libraries in use on the server. As of right now I have quite a few of the server systems in place and functioning as intended these include but are not limited to: game client connection registration, account registration, account login, command/state handling, command parser, zones, rooms, items, equipment, stats, modifiers, affects, classes, races, characters, npc(s), monsters, movement, look, get, put, wear, hold, wield, inventory, equipment, and some other functionality. I am working a few hours a day slowly getting things where they need to be.

I will try to describe, as briefly as possible, what I am envisioning and want to accomplish. You can ignore naming and other things as I can change anything based on what the team I am putting together agrees upon; however I want to stay fairly close to what I am envisioning theme wise.

My RPG system itself is not really based on any existing system and certainly does not conform to any D&D rule sets. If this turns you off I would stop reading now.

In my system there are 3 main areas of statistics. One is your point pools (Health, Mana, Mental, and Action), the next are your VITALS (Vitality, Intelligence, Toughness, Allure, Lore, Speed) and then a 3rd area that, currently, contains about 30 various statistics like increases to various damage types, resistances, percent modifiers, etc...

Classes are handled via Tier system with the ability to move up a tier or sidways in Tier #1 after fully leveling a character. For example let's say you are a Witch.. after fully leveling a witch can become a Shaman, or can choose any other starting class (like Thief). When this happens they are reset back to level 1 (all Points are also reset as are base statistics) but retain all skills from the original class. If the player choose Shaman, once they reach max level they can become a Necromancer. If they chose a Thief they could become a Shaman, a Trickster, or any Tier 1 class like Cleric. There is a max of 3 classes. After reaching max level for all 3 classes the player can become a paragon which allows them access to 1 Tier 1 class, 1 Tier 2 class, and one Tier 3 class of their choice.

Current Classes:
Brawler -> Champion -> Warlord
Knight -> Paladin -> Guardian
Monk -> Ninja -> Assassin
Thief -> Trickster -> Illusionist
Archer -> Ranger -> Druid
Cleric -> Bishop -> Templar
Witch -> Shaman -> Necromancer
Acolyte -> Elementalist -> Magus
Paragon (Access to 3 trees at a time)

Races -- There are various races I have planned. None are typical races nor is race really the same as you would expect in other games. Think of Race more like a Body you are placed into. They can be upgraded/enhanced/swapped out.

All objects can have their own timer and I can operate down to the millisecond scale -- as such there are no traditional "rounds" or "ticks" like there is in circle bases.

Theme: A mixture of Sci-Fi (Think Carbon Black / Black Mirror) & Fantasy. The game will take place in a cut-throat world where the rich can rule & live forever and, for the most part, have managed to enslave most of the population. Each character is a memory storage device downloaded into a body (race). Characters only have a finite number of Deaths before they can no longer be revived (without assigning them a life credit). These life credits belong to the "account" and can be assigned to characters. You also must have certain amount of life credits to use certain types of bodies (races).

I have a wealth of features planned like a really nice resource gathering and crafting system as well as player owned stores & activity centers.

What I need right now is someone to head up the Creative side of things. I can handle all of the coding required. I wouldn't mind assistance -- but for right now I am not looking for another server developer. I might entertain a Unity developer, but I think one person writing the core server is best currently. I might break this rule for the right developer.

The head world designer will help me come up with the overall thematic focus of the game, help me decide on stat values, pacing, and other game play elements, lead efforts in recruiting and managing builders, will be expected to write the story, fully build zones end-to-end, assist in any other writing required for the game (help, socials, etc...)

world building will be accomplished via a custom written application -- no need for in-game menus. This should make building a lot easier. You will still be able to see your building reflected with your in-game character. Since this has not been created yet the head world designer will have a lot of impact over this tool.

I do have a plan to monetize the game; however it can and absolutely will be fully playable for free without the feeling of feeling slighted or automatically behind if you didn't spend money on it. I will discuss compensation terms with whomever I decide to fill this position.

To apply please send me a PM here. I also created a temp discord channel for this: discord.gg/Kxpjkbs

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