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1 year 5 months ago #8446 by Hanyo
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Hey there!

So Long story short I'm looking at beginning development on my own and the most experience I have is a fair amount of building and trigger building with DG / Oasis OLC but not so much the hard code. That experience comes from a place built on a heavily modified version of CWG Rasputin IIRC, and this is what I was looking at as maybe a start since it has a lot of pre-fabricated stuff I can re-skin and build on and look at versus TBA which seems to be more or less 'empty' ?

I know CWG included like D20 rules and that's nice though not something I hugely need to care about, moreso I'm comfortable with the OLC / DG way of building ... what's going to be better for me? Can a 'starter' world be added into TBA which is at least still getting updates and being worked on it looks like? Would it be possible to use TBA and take the files for classes/skills/etc/and so on from CWG and incorporate them? Just a nudge in the right direction or suggestions would be super helpful and thank you!

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1 year 5 months ago #8448 by Rumble
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It would take some work, but yes I'd recommend using tbaMUD and adding the skills and spells you want so you can have the latest bug fixes and updates. Attached are some howto's to get you started.

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1 year 4 months ago #8449 by Papaya Pete
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I concur; TBAMud is a great way to get into coding/building for a mud. I have not looked around for other code bases all that much, but this seems to be the only one that is actively developed today.
Another plus side is you can do quite a lot with it. I am not sure what you had in mind, but I am sure that you can either find a snippet or create your own (with nice enough people on here willing to help, at least if you are willing to show you are doing your best). There are also a lot of awesome DG script references and examples on this site and forums.

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