The Builder Academy (TBA) was created in October of 2000 on the MUD Cruel World. It began with a combination of my own MUDding experience and the work of numerous others from the MUDding community into an extensive tutorial zone, help files, and examples.

TBA now has two main missions. It originally was meant to be a training MUD open to anyone willing to learn or teach how to create your own text-based World. 1,000's of builder's have gone through our training and many MUDs require new builders to complete training at TBA before they can apply to their MUD. TBA's other mission is the development of the codebase formerly known as CircleMUD. Due to CircleMUD's stagnation TBA staff decided to release our codebase under the name tbaMUD and we have been updating it tirelessly for over 10 years.

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TBA is a low stress, no deadline, training environment where anyone with motivation can work at their own pace to learn as much or as little as they wish. Numerous people are available to answer questions and give advice.

1000's of builders served and counting.

The most challenging aspect of running a MUD is finding good builders. You will hear this from the admin of every MUD that has ever been. In the past it has always been up to each individual MUD to find and usually train their own builders. This works, but I think the MUDing community can come up with something better. That is why we created The Builder's Academy. No pressure, no deadline, just come and learn or help teach. Give something back to the community we have all taken so much from. TBA is a MUDing community resource, please submit any lessons learned or building tips and tricks so we can improve our codebase and training.

TBA can also be used by other MUDs as a builder's port. Just send us your newbie builders. We will teach them and then you can have them back with the zones they built.

We are always open to anyone willing to learn or help teach so we can continue to improve the tbaMUD codebase.

- Rumble
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